Problems with Periods-Help with Homeopathy & Nutrition

Today is International Women's Day, so why not celebrate being a woman by considering your periods, and if they are out of balance in any way, take steps to get them back into balance.

In a healthy woman a period is pain free, mood swing free, with no bloating, no heavy bleeding, no food cravings and so on.

It seems to me as a homeopathy with 23 years experience and my own experience of periods, that nowadays, girls are growing up believing that periods are naturally painful, heavy, irregular, and are preceded with mod swings, food craving, bloating and so on.

Why are so many of us out of balance? I think its down to 3 things- poorer nutrition and the pill or other hormonal contraception and drug, such as antibiotics ( many girls take them for acne), and they strip the gut, which is 80% of our immune system of the good bacteria, and drugs like ibuprofen- this drug plays havoc with our oestrogen levels.

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Help yourself to good food.

Examples of how eating well can help.- teenage heavy periods will respond well to dairy free and gluten free eating. Heavy periods generally improve from a diet which keeps inulin low, e.g low GI eating or Urban Caveman Eating.

1. First- look at your nutrition- stop or greatly reduce take away food, ready meals, cakes, bread, pasta, cereals, biscuits, sweets, fizzy drinks, caffeine- this is nothing new is it? Its simple to do and will make you feel healthier, and become healthier very quickly.

2, Eat protein at every meal, these food are proteins, nuts, seeds, meat, lentils, fish, eggs.

3. Carbohydrates include all veg, so eat a whole range and lots of colours every day- green leafy veg are maybe not the most popular but are so beneficial; sweet potato and potato, carrots, parsnips, swede will fill you up, and all the others give lots of minerals and vitamins.

4. Fruit, also carbohydrates-berries are best as less sugary. Avoid fruit smoothies as you will get too big a hit of sugar. Apples are great too. All fruits are good but if you are trying t get back into balance then limit the sugary ones .

5. Herbs and spices- all excellent! Eat the ones you love.

6. Fats- good fat does NOT make you fat. You get fat from yo-yo dieting and from processed foods and from bad fats. So cook with butter, coconut oil and olive oil. Vegetable oils must not be heated-they become really bad for us when heated.

7.Drinks- water water water, herb and fruit teas. Really limit coffee. We need water to keep us hydrated-every cell depends on it and it keeps our bowel and kidneys flushed. imagine if you could not flush the loo! Well kidneys ad bowel are a bit like our loo! They need flushing regularly!

8. Supplements-There are more supplements you can use to help period problems, menopausal problems and so on but these are individual to each woman so I suggest you nip into your health food shop ( if you don't want to come to me when I can tell you what YOU need) and ask. In Claire James in Kings Langley Herts, the staff are very knowledgeable, ask for Laura, she has trained in Naturopathy. Panacea in Watford are also quite good.

Biocare bio-magnesium is good for pain, such as migraines, cramps, as well as constipation ( constipation = less than one good poo a day). the bowel is like the food waste bin we have-it quickly rots and smells doesn't it? Well the bowel is like that and needs emptying at least once a day!

Turmeric from the helath food shop as a supplement reduces inflammation and reduces menstrual flow and reduces oestrogen, as many period problems and thyroid problems are linked to too much oestrogen...this is a real problem for us and is identified in many breast cancers. Even more of a reason to get back into balance.

Help with Homeopathy- in homeopathy we look at the whole of you. Your health history as well as the problems with periods. We ask about medications, major stressful events, sleep, nutrition, skin, digestion and much more. All this information allows me to find a remedy which suits you. What suits ne person and helps them, may not be right for the next because we may have the same physical symptoms but how we feel and deal with them is very different for each of us-You Are an Individual!

The Pill and other Hormonal Contraceptives

The pill really flat lines the delicate dance of our hormones and this feeds back to our thyroid gland. the thyroid gland sets the pace of everything in our body- frequency of periods, metabolism, temperature. So if we take a drug to interfere with it.... over time you can imagine the havoc within us! So many women have thyroid problems now, its scary! My advice is, see a homeopath now ( or other holistic therapist).

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