Homeopathy for nerves before exams, the 11+ and moving to senior school.

Do refer back to the other blog posts as the remedies covered there are still applicable-they included, Rescue Remedy, Pulsatilla, Calc carb.

The 11+ and exams generally- some people love them and some get very worried. Look at how your child is coping or reacting.... for example, if very cuddly and wanting you to be near all the time, maybe more tears than usual then look at pulsatilla. But remember every one is different so if I have not mentioned a remedy which looks like it might suit your child, then do come and see me or another homeopath and have a proper treatment. There are some combination remedies we use in homeopathy if we homeopaths have not seen the patient and so do not know the details of the case. One to consider is called Triple A in a 6c potency and you can order it from Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy in fact all the remedies I have mentioned in the videos can be ordered from Helios or Ainsworths Homeopathic Pharmacy.

#examnerves #homeopathy #tissuesalts #pulsatilla #calccarb

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