Homeopathy for Gap Years, off to Uni, and being bullied.

Bullying-it can happen at any age. If it involves your child at infant junior school its probably a bit easie to deal with-you can keep going in to speak to the school, but if your child is at senior school its harder. Teenagers do not want parents visiting school-fearing it will make the situation worse.

Teenagers need to fit in, need to find the group they belong to. You can help them by ensuring they have out of school activities they enjoy, these will give them confidence. You could also take them to see a homeopath who will look at how the bullying is affecting your child- some go quiet and withdraw, some develop a real school phobia, some are just sad... homeopathy in my experience appears to galvanise them into feeling more confident, it may be quiet confidence but I have seen many children suddenly change their friends and the bullying mysteriously stops. A confident child is not attractive to a bully.

Gap Years- when your teenager or young adult goes off on a gap year, you cannot help but worry. Rescue Remedy for you! I suggest getting them into homeopathy before they go so they know which remedies help them and feel confident in using them. then buy them a remedy kit and in it will be remedies for stomach upsets, insect bites, homesickness, anxiety, hang overs...and many more.

A word of caution-Europe, NZ, Australia all use homeopathy. I would suggest you DO NOT send them away with remedies to places like Thailand. Although the remedies are not drugs and will not test positive for anything, they are little white tablets, and may cause a problem, hopefully temporary but the risk is not worth it, in my view.

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