Homeopathy for the move from Nursery to Primary School

Yesterday I spoke of 3 remedies to help your little one if they were struggling to settle into nursery-Pulsatilla, Calc Carb and the Bach Flower Remedy Walnut. Those remedies may still help your child as they move to Primary school- see the blog post below this one for more information.

Today I want to talk about Phosphorus, the homeopathic remedy.

Children who do well on this tend to be bright and enthusiastic, very bubbly, willing to make friends and have vivid imaginations. They are excited about their new school!

Primary school is a big change, more structured than nursery, a longer day, with lunch in the middle of it, more children who may seem very big and noisy in the playground. Of course schools break children into the long day more gently these days but for a phosphorus child the new experiences and excitement may be too much and they burn out.

Tears and fears and dramas may become more frequent. They make new friends but are buffeted by their new friends feelings. If this sounds like your child try phos 30c, and and pm for 3 days. If it works you will see it clearly, if not do consider seeing a homeopath. The sooner your child is back in balance the sooner they will be enjoying school again.

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