Homeopathy to help starting nursery be stress free.

This is the first of a series of short videos and blogs to help the transition to nursery, school, senior school and Uni go smoothly, because sometimes for some children and teenagers it can be an upsetting stressful, traumatic time.

This first video is about helping your child settle into nursery.

Some children bound in without a backward glance, others take a bit more time.

The Bach Flower Remedy Walnut is a good one to help with transitional stages at any time of life. For a child mix a few drops with water because it can taste a bit strong and give 2 or 3 times daily for a few days before they start nursery and a few days afterwards. You will quickly know if they have settled in happily.

Pulsatilla 30c potency is a good remedy for children who cry and need cuddles and cling to you when you start them at nursery. Once you have gone they often want a teacher to cuddle and cling to. Give pulsatilla 30c am and pm for 3 to 5 days. You will know if it has worked because they will be happier and more confident.

Calc carb 30c is a remedy to consider if your child prefers to stand back and watch any new experience before joining in. Their confidence is a bit low and they need time to make the change. This remedy helps them to adjust, give it the same way as above with pulsatilla.

There are many other remedies which can help-so if your child does not fir the descriptions above, hey probably need a different remedy-in which case do make an appointment to see me or another homeopath.

A bit about nutrition

Many children do not like too much change at once and these remedies help them cope with the inevitable change that going to nursery brings-new environment, new children, new games and so on. After their first few days at nursery try to ensure the rest of the day is calmer and much as you may like to give sweet treats, the quick high and then sudden low in energy a few hours later doe snot help a child emotionally or mentally to cope with changes.

We all cope better with new situations if we are not tired nor hungry or thirsty. A good breakfast before setting off to nursery will help- what do I mean by a good breakfast?

Cereals and toast are to my mind not a good breakfast. Even the sugar free ones are just carbs, so that means sugar! We also do not digest grains as easily as other foods so can spend energy that we need for other things, e.g coping with a new situation. Cereal and toast type breakfasts give your child a quick burst of energy but they will have an energy drop about 2 or 3 hours later and that's when they can feel tired and the newness of nursery can get to them. A better breakfast would be anything along the lines of protein-eggs, bacon, sausage, nuts AND some carbs, such as banana, and maybe 1 piece of wholemeal toast with butter not a spread. Butter is a good fat and gives lasting energy. As does olive oil and coconut oil. Mothers who send their children off to school with a protein and good fat, rich breakfast find their child is not needing snacks so much after school, is less tired and can cope with change better.

If a cooked breakfast is new to your child, maybe introduce it now before they begin nursery and I think you will notice a difference. If you still feel its not for you then why not try wholemeal bread or toast with organic nut butters spread on top- you can get organic cashew nut butter for example or pecan. Good source of oils, protein. Or an egg on toast, or ham on toast.....

Try it and see!

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