Summer Holidays-Relaxing or Stressful for Mothers ?

I remember when my children were at infant/junior school and how I looked forward to the long summer holidays which brought a break from the routine of getting up early, breakfast, gathering PE bags, book bags, money for lunches or preparing a packed lunch....

The first few days of the holidays were wonderful...but I also remember very fractious children and working ever harder to ensure they had a wonderful summer as the weeks went by. Days out, later bedtimes, eating out more, snacks and picnics, juice rather than water to drink. More new activities to try, new places to visit, meaning more time in the car, and less time running around. Me becoming more stressed and the children becoming more demanding, and squabbling more!

Then I would contact my homeopath and she would remind me to take some Sepia. A remedy for mothers who want to scream and run away! Who feel everyone wants a piece of her. Whose patience feels sorely tried! Little things she usually takes in her stride become monumental crises!

The remedy would get things back into perspective and I saw that the children needed a break from all the fun. Most children do well on routine, times to rest and not too many changes in diet and lots of sleep. They also like to just play at home some days, with a friend or even just to squabble and play with siblings.

After the Sepia I was able to slow down with trying to make the summer packed with fun and see things from their point of view. What shall we do today was often answered by, "can we just go to the swings in the park then come home and play.". Of course we could!

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