Homeopathy First Aid Kit for Mothers and Baby

On fb today a mother asked for suggestions for a natural first aid kit for her and her new baby. What a great idea!

Here are the suggestions I made.

1.Homeopathy for Mother & Baby by Miranda Castro is the book I suggest to all the mothers and babies I see.

2.The Homeopathy kit form Helios or Ainsworth is also a great buy, the 36 remedy kit is best but the pillules are very hard and tricky to crush., so here is what you can do-

2a.If breastfeeding you can take the remedy yourself which a baby needs while breastfeeding,

2b. Or you can put the remedy in a little bit of breast milk or sterilised water and this then becomes the remedy even though the pillule will not dissolve. A tsp of the water or breast milk = 1 dose, don't worry if you don't get the whole amount into baby's mouth.

2c. Or if the baby has a dummy, you can dip the dummy into the liquid, or for older babies dip the dummy into the crushed pillule.

2d. You can also hold the remedy against the babies head or pulse point on wrist and still the baby will get the remedy!

How fantastic is homeopathy.!

3.Also the Dr Jayne Donegan's e book on 1st aid and fevers for your baby- she gives sound practical advice as well as simple homeopathy advice.

4. Mix aconite, belladonna and chamomilla, called ABC is a good remedy to make up and have to hand- get a little envelope or clean glass jar and crush a few tablets of each together, make sure you label jar ABC30.... then when at your wits end and the homeopath is not free to talk give this remedy- its like our "calpol" but in fact heals rather than suppresses symptoms.

5. Rescue Remedy and aconite for you.... because many mums are so worried when baby is unwell they cannot think straight!

6.Make a note of this helpline number 09065 343404- its the Homeopathic Helpline and manned 24/7

9am till midnight. I think calls are charged at £1.50 per minute but they work quickly and well worth it! Even being a homeopath myself for 23 years I still call it! Hope this helps!

7. Get the free homeopathy app to help you work out the remedy here is the link

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