The Sun has Got His Hat On at long last! Here is a remedy to use to help protect against sunburn.

Just 2 days ago it was glorious sunshine here in Herts and I put a video on my fb page about a remedy which can help protect you against sunburn. Here is some more information.

Being safe in the sun.

Of course small children and babies should be in the shade in the hottest part of the day.

Keep offering fluids as they can become dehydrated very quickly and one sign of this is lack of thirst.

When in the sun keep hats, t-shirts and shorts on and for those with delicate skin, long sleeves and long trousers are better-all in cotton preferably.

Suncreams are full of chemicals and some are harmful. Also blocking the sun is harmful too. We need vitamin D but we do not want to be burned, so a little sun regularly will be better for us than lots at once and we need up red as a lobster.

Sunburn IS a burn! Very serious in babies and children and putting more chemicals on in after sun, is again not great.All the chemicals are into the bloodstream very quickly giving more for the liver to clean out, just when the whole body needs to focus on dealing with a burn.

Babies and children- if worried about a burn- they and their skin feels burning hot with e the burn and a temperature, or if they get sunstroke-headache, unwell, listlessness to the hospital you go with them. On the way you can give belladonna 30 or 200, whatever potency you have. I don't feel this is a time to mask symptoms with calpol etc!

Sol the remedy.

I use Sol 30 when out on a hot and a bit overcast day because I burn easily. I may take it again around noon.

On a very sunny day I may take it around 11am and again around 2pm.

For me and for when my children were little and due to eczema they could not have suncream, this dosage worked well for us.

Occasionally if they had had too much sun and had a little head ache and flushed face but not burned I would give Sol 200 again or maybe Belladonna 200.

Be aware- you can still get sunstroke even if you do not burn. Remaining in the sun all day, with no covering of head and shoulders and not enough fluids can result in sunstroke. I have done it and so I know! I did not burn because of the Sol, but the next day I had a horrendous headache, I felt sick and not thirsty at all, I felt as if Ii was getting real flu- ached all over, totally exhausted. I realised what was going on luckily and took belladonna, gelsemium and sol- those were the remedies indicated for me-they may not be right for everyone-so speak to a homeopath or better still be more careful than I was.

You can buy the remedies from Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy or Ainsworths.

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