Eat Right for Your Age

I saw an interesting short article in a free London newspaper the other day. On the whole I agreed with it but felt it was a sign of the times, a snippet of information to fit in with the " grab it and go" pace of life in London. It drives me mad when people go into shop and say , " can I grab a coffee/sandwich/panini" etc. It does however underline the fact that people eat on the go and in haste.

If you want to age before your time, increase the risk of adrenal fatigue, diabetes, and other chronic diseases, carry on with the" grab it and go" lifestyle!

Food is the only way we can put energy into our bodies.

Put in rubbish and you will not provide many nutrients for your body yo work with.

Put in good nutritious food but eat in a rush or on the go and you are wasting your time and money, not to mention the good nutrients.

When we are rushing around our mind on work and the stresses and starins of life, our adrenal glands our adrenal glands get switched on and this slows down our digestion. This means that we do not digest our food properly and the knock on effect is that we do not absorb all the nutrients we could and which we need.

It is only through the right nutrients that our body can perform all the building, repairing and helaing we need every single day.

So, stop "grabbing " food; before you eat, sit down and take a few calming breths; chew your food well, and eat slowly. E njoy your food.

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