Fevers- a parents fear. How to help your baby/child through a fever, naturally.

There is so much fear about these days concerning fevers. Fear it will get too high and your child will convulse or even die! If a fever fills you with fear take Rescue Remedy and Aconite if your fear is that your precious child will die. These will calm you and you will be better able to deal with your poorly child.

Fevers are one of the ways a child or baby deals with.. viral or bacterial infections, but also, upsets, shocks and frights. Babies and children can only show us they are upset, uncomfortable, sad, angry, frightened, over tired etc by crying, screaming, pooing/not pooing or vomitting or coughing, having a runny nose.

Firstly try not to use calpol often and only for pain and fever, never for fever alone, read this,


Try not to use calpol for a child who won't sleep or you is playing up-that is just drugging your child! But yes, occassionally a parent can be at the end of their tether and will resort to this... just don't make it a habit! :)

Always better to meet the need, sort the problem and it gets easier to understand why your baby is crying, has a fever etc as they get old.

Fevers- ensure windows are a bit open and room not too warm so that the heat can leave the body.

Keep fluids up, very easy if breastfeeding, possibly a bit harder if baby is bottle fed.. your baby may not be hungry and forula milk is a food, so do give cooled boiled water.

You can bath a hot baby in a warmish epsom salts bath-helps to reduce fever naturally and takes toxins from the both. It is a short bath, about 10 minutes. Or an older child with a fever but who is still active, get them to play with a bowl of water with betonite clay in it- very similar action to epsom salts. Do not let them drink either-epsom salts will cause diarrhoea and clay will constipate them!

Using Homeopathy to help with fevers. Homeopathy works by helping the body to heal itself, to get back into balance. So although when you give a remedy you see the fever come down a bit- it is not bringing the fever down... it comes down because the baby/child is beginning to heal and get back into balance. As you know if you have used chamomilla for an angry teething baby, this re-balance can happen instantly! This is because babies and children have lots of energy to work with, sometimes the energy just needs pointing in the right direction.That is the only way I can explain it!

With calpol, the calpol squashes the fever/inflammatory response. It gives relief but the problem is actually still there and in a helathy child will pop up again. Fevers, coughs, and other symptoms are signs of imbalance, not necessarily things in thmselves which need removing.

Remedies you can use-

Belladonna- this is for when your baby or child radiates heat, a lot! " Like a furnace" is how parents might describe the fever. Often pupils are dilated. There is no sweat. Hands and feet are cold, but head is hot. Child may want to be covered even though they are so hot. Can become delerious- and I don't blame any parent who then gives calpol! But persevere with belladonna. Give a 30 or if its not lasting, give a 200 c potency every half hour. The fever will only come down a bit but what you notice more is your baby/child is more peaceful. During the fever your child can be angry and this should calm first.

Usually there is no sweat, but if there is it will not be on the head.

A belladonna fever comes on quickly and goes quickly.

The times it is worse are around 3 o'clock

If you are worred speak to a homeopath or a doctor.

Getting used to, and feeling confident in using, homeopathic remedies, takes time a practice.

Chamomilla- often a remedy people use for teething pains and I prefer the 200 potency, but if you have 30's thats fine, you may find you need to give them more frequently. A baby/child needing this remedy is angry, screaming with pain but everything they want they quickly decide thats not what they want-they are capricious!

They want everything NOW! If your child is meek and cuddly with a fever, chamomilla is not the remedy!

Cuddles do not calm a child needing chamomilla, you need to rock them hard, move about, change the scene-this will temporarily help them.

If the fever is because they are teething they feel a bit better biting something cold, but they themelves want to be warm. Their fever is more because of something physical has upset them.. so teething pain, colic, indigestion, and their face will be red, maybe only on one side, they may retch a lot; they can do a shiver now and then too. Tthey can be beside thmself with pain and upset and poor parents don't know what to do.

Often very thirsty and will need frequent drinks- in breast fed babies mothers say they seem to want to feed but just a quick gulp and then thats not what they want! So here we see the changeability/capriciousness with the unquenchable thirst.

There may be sweat on head-forehead and scalp.

The time the child is worse is often around 9 oclock or evening.

Aconite- a remedy for fevers which come on a few hours after a shock or fright or excitement. Sudden onset. Its a dry intense heat like belladonna, mainly on the head but during sleep the body may sweat. They will be restless and anxious/fearful, over excited. Time modailty is around midnight/1am.

As you can see these three remedies are similar, you will find in time, how to distinguish which one your child needs but if not you can order from Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy a remedy made from all three, called ABC remedy! If you choose this option I would suggest you order the 200c potency.

If you have all 3 remedies at home, you can make your own ABC remedy, just putting the three remedies together and crushing together for a baby but an older child, just pop one of each into ther mouth at the same time.

Do give me feedback, or ask questions, I do like to hear from readers.

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