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Hopefuly you have watched the short video about Arnica and the homeopathic principle of Like Cures Like. This blog is more about Arnica. When a homeopath gives a remedy it is given after taking into consideration not just what is going on with the person physically but also mentally and emotionally as well.

We can see Arnica is indicated when after an accident or trauma-emotional or physical, the patient will say things such as, " I am alright", when clearly they are not! Also, " don't touch me". This of course is understandable if someone is hurt because they " fear that people approaching or touching them will make the injury worse. But it also applies to an emotional shock-the person may still not want to be touched, as it is just all too much. Yet another thing people say when they may need arnica is, " I do not need a doctor ( or other health professional), I do not need arnica or to see my homeopath." Again it is a self protection action. It is saying leave me in peace, I don't want to risk any more injury!

Arnica is indicated when after an accident the person is left fearful of having a similar sort of accident. Confidence can go after a fall, especially in the elderly. Arnica heals the bumps and bruises and the shock.

Arnica for wounds-If an injury results in a wound many people worry about tetanus or sepsis, pus forming, well arnica ( is helpful in preventing those things. Wash the wound and take an arnica tablet.

Arnica is good for when the bed feels too hard and you cannot get comfortable in bed after doing something strenuous/playing sport/after a shock. Take a 6c or 30 at bedtime and repeat if you wake.

Arnica is one of the remedies which will often help jet lag.

Great for sports injuries-bumps, bruises, sprains, strains-there may be other remdeis needed as well ( ruta, rhus tox, hypericum) and I will video and write about them later. A 6c or 30 as soon after the injury and repeat hourly or 3 times a day-as feels best.

Concussion- althouh if you suspect or know someone has been knocked out you should seek medical advice, I would always say, meanwhile give arnica 200. It ehlps to reduce swelling, bruising, stop bleeding etc etc and heals the shock, so its ideal for concussion and will in many cases help the headaches that may follow ( but there are other remedies if arnica does not help here)

Dentistry- because arnica stops bleeding, its a good remedy to take after a toothe xtraction. An extraction is a physical trauma to the body, so of course arnica will be good here. ( Hypericum is a good remedy to add in too-ore of that later). For some people a trip to teh dentist is a bit of a trauma, so again arnica can be given. A 6c or a 30c just before and straight after dentistry is probabaly all that is needed.

For the pain after braces have been adjusted give arnica 200 with hyericum 200 every half hour to an hour until feeling better.

After childbirth- I always give a mix of arnica and some other remdies about 5 times a day for 2 or 3 days following childbirth, and then gradually scale it down over the next 2 to 3 weeks. It will quickly bring down a heamatoma, and when I say quickly Ii mean in a few hours! After childbirth use the 200c potency.If the mother takes arnica while breastfeeding baby benefits also.

Which potency?-For everything else mentioned above use the 6c or 30c potency. We tend to use 200c when the shock/trauma/injury is big, energetic, etc. Repeat it as its needed, taht is true for all remedies and potencies and varies hugely.

Every person is differennt so take the case each time! Because homeopathy is about like cures like and about each person being different, not everyone needs arnica and here is an example. Someone I know broke his leg and I hurried to the hospital with arnica... I still gave it and it helped but the remedy he needed was Bryonia, and this is why- he was very irritable and just touching the bed hurt his leg and even moving his arm hurt his leg as did talking, te absolute slightest movement hurt his leg and he was worried about going to work. He did not want to answer my questions. These mental/emotional/physical symptoms are different to Arnica-the remedy he required was Bryonia. So ALWAYS TAKE THE CASE! However it did help but Bryonia would have worked very much quicker. There are other remedies to help bones knit quickly. i wil cover those another time.

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