Growing a Baby - the role of Homeopathy in Pregnancy & Childbirth

If you were a gardener wishing to grow a beautiful rose, you would first of all read up about the type of soil and nutrients a rose thrives best in. Then you would till the soil, removing any debris, big stones, weeds. You may dig in some lovely organic fertiliser and then plant the seed or cutting.

You would watch it grow, protecting in from harsh weather, ensuring it had enough water, maybe extra nutrients would need to be added to the soil. You would consider natural ways of keeping it pest and disease free. All the time watching it grow anticipating the time when the first rose would bloom, fragrant and beautiful.

Whether it is your first baby or you are planning it to be your last, whether your pregnancy is a lovely surprise, it is never too early or too late to look after the soil in which your baby is to grow before it enters the world.

You are the gardener. You and the father and your ancestors have provided the “soil” in which your baby grows for 9 months. In fact your womb is the secluded garden, in which your baby will live and grow for 9 months.

What can you do to give your baby the best beginning?

Clear the debris, improve the soil-Use natural medicines such as homeopathy to clear up any underlying health issues. Homeopathy is safe to use during pregnancy and childbirth. If you are on regular medication do discuss this with your homeopath who will be able to help you find out if the medication affects levels of vitamins or minerals and which foods you can then eat to re-balance the deficit.

Eat nutritious food- we are not just what we eat , we are what we absorb and there is little nutritious value in many highly processed foods.

The best way is to eat as much organic food as you can afford. Prepare your food from scratch whenever possible and this way you can avoid MSG, artificial flavourings, and bad fats.

Drink lots of filtered water and greatly reduce caffeine, fizzy drinks and alcohol, ideally cut them out if you can.

Get out into the fresh air and exercise too, not only good physically but excellent for reducing anxiety and stressful feelings.

Enjoy life, laugh and love-these too all help your unborn baby to grow and develop physically and emotionally. Sing and talk to your baby, our hearing is the first sense to develop and develops very quickly.

Seminar on the role of Homeopathy during pregnancy and childbirth and much more...

On Saturday 12th March 2016 I shall be running a seminar for mums-to-be and their birthing partners from 9.30 until noon ( refreshments included) when I shall share my experiences of using homeopathy during pregnancy and childbirth, including when I have attended hospital births and more recently, a homebirth. I shall speak of the positivity I received from midwives who know it works.

We will discuss the role of homeopathy during pregnancy and childbirth;

  • how midwives know homeopathy works and are supportive of it;

  • good nutrition for you and your baby's health;

  • the pros and cons of a home or hopsital birth;

  • vaccinations during pregnancy-your thoughts on these and what your options are;

  • how your birthing partner can help you during the labour with homeopathic remedies and I will show you and explain to you about the remedy kit I can make available, with instructions.

  • We shall talk about the pain releif options,

  • why contractions may stop, why some women have lots of contractions but are slow to dilate.

  • We shall talk about delayed cord cutting, placenta encapsulation,

  • breastfeeding and bottle feeding; breastfeeding problems, helpful solutions and where to get helpful free breastfeeding advice; baby reflux;

  • passing on natural immunity.

  • I shall explain the services I offer if you are interested during abour and the 10 days afterwards. Notes supplied.

  • Cost: £60 for mum-to-be , and including her birthing partner. Time: 9.30am - noon. Venue: at my home in Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire.

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