Here are some links to find out more about what I do and about homeopathy and natural health generally, including other therapists whose work I am happy to endorse.


I am a qualified CEASE therapist. CEASE Therapy is a way of using homeopathy to help adults and children suffering from ASD, or who are suffering from the side effects of drugs, e.g hormone contraceptives, steroids, antibiotics, and others. Find out more about it here -


I am Registered with the Society of Homeopaths who are my regulating body, through which I am insured and whose code of ethics I agree to. When looking for a homeopath, I always advise that you check that they are with a body, such as the Society of Homeopaths or the Alliance of Homeopaths.  Find out more here -


I regularly write for The Mother Magazine

 This magazine is avalable in hard copy as well as online, and is a must for mothers-to-be and mothers with young children who would like useful positive articles and real life stories about mothering and fathering. My most recent article has been about measles and helathy children, but in previous magazines I have written about mums and tetanus- looking at the disease and natural ways of dealing with them.


Osteopaths and Chiropractors

I do offer InterX treatment (see Consultations) for skeletal/ joint/muscle problems including bad backs, sports injuries and club foot in babies, but sometimes it may be better to also see an osteopath/cranial osteopath or a chiropractor and these three gentlemen I highly recommend.


Ian Carter Chiropractor, in Apsley


Christian Scharsach Osteopath, in Berkhamsted


Martin Tunmore  Osteopath, in Watford



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