What I love about Homeopathy is that every patient I meet is different. When you come to see me you will have your own unique story to tell as to how you have reached the point of health you are at the day I see you.
When you come to see me I hope to put you at your ease so that you can tell me what it is you wish me to help you with by using Homeopathy and perhaps Naturopathic Nutrition or one of the other  methods or therapies I use.
Please try to tell me as much as you can and feel free to ask me questions until between us I understand what it is you need to help you to get better whether the problem is someting physical, emotional or mental.
What happens during the consultation?
I will ask you about your main health issues and concerns. Then I will ask you about previous health history, sleep pattern, food and drink preferences, fears, phobias and anxieties, stresses and strains in home and work life and how you reacted to them,  and any major events in your life.  Female patients will be asked about their periods, any pregnancies and if appropriate the menopause. If relevant, I will also ask patients about any problems in conceiving. You can tell me as much or as little as you wish. From gathering this information I am able to select a homeopathic remedy which is just right for you.



This therapy is helpful if long term use of a medication has caused a problem. I would discuss this methodology with you should I think you would benefit from it. It is a different way of using remedies. This method of homeopathy is used for some patients  who have suffered side effects from The Pill, steroids, antidepressants and other medications.



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Consultation Fees


Initial Consultations:


  • Adults, up to 1.5 hours  £110 and includes homeopathic consultation, homeopathic remedies in tablet form .If after your appointment I need to work on your case, I may need to ask you back after a few days for clarification on a few points-should I do this, and it does not happen often, it would be for 30 minutes and the fee would be £35

  • Teenagers and children at senior school up to 1 hour, £55 with or without nutritional assessment, includes remedies as above.

  • Babies & Children from birth to 11 years up to 1 hour, £48 includes remedies as above.

Follow-Up Consultations: 

  • Adults up to 1 hour, £70 includes Homeopathic remedies in tablet form.

  • Teenagers and children at senior school, up to 1 hour £55 including homeopathic remedies in tablet form.

  • Babies and children from birth to 11 years, up to 1 hour  £48 including homeopathic remedies in tablet form.

Nutrional Supplements & Herbal Tinctures.


If herbal tinctures or nutritional supplements are recommended, I will suggest where they can be obtained and a guide to cost.



Additional services


Out of hours and in between appointments support
Patients can contact me Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm if they have any questions or health concerns.


Home visits in Abbots Langley and Kings Langley, Garston, Leverstock Green.


Skype and zoom  appointments


A special session with mother-to-be and birthing partner

This session is to show the birthing partner how to use the Homeopathic Birthing Kit before, during childbirth and afterwards. The hire of the remedy kit is included and comes with clear instructions. I also talk about breastfeeding.


Homeopathy during childbirth

I can attend the birth of your child and help you with homeopathy and offer you and your birthing partner support. The midwife will also be present.


Post-natal support
For all my clients who are pregnant I offer 10 daily 10  minute phone or zoom or  skype check ups beginning as soon as the mother and baby get home, offering  homeopathic and practical advice and support. This is valuable as it can be a time of uncertainty for new parents as they adjust to having their baby home. As it is rare for midwives to do daily check ups these days, mothers do find this a good service. Please do ask me more about this service.




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