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Date for Your Diary- 

A 4 week Homeopathy Course ( To see what people thought of the course in Sept this year visit the What People Say page.)


Dates: TBC for 2019

Time: 7.30pm to 9.15pm (arrive 7.15 onwards to get settled so we can begin on time.)

Venue: 122 Tibbs Hill Road Abbots Langley WD5 0LL

Cost: £60 incl tea/coffee

email or phone or txt me to book your place. m: 07523119436 e: amandabatehomeopath@gmail.com


 I used to teach this course at night school in the 90's when there was funding available. I believe we get more out of learning if we actually attend and see each other and can discuss... but I know that is not always possible, so you can do the course via skype.


At the end of the 4 weeks you will feel confident in using 36 remedies and we will be covering-



  •  the Principles of Homeopathy, 

  •  how to differentiate between remedies for pain, anxiety/fear/panic, sleep problems; coughs, colds, flu's; 

  •  the difference between an acute illness, a chronic and an acute of a chronic, and why this is important.

  •  what  does" a Constitutional Remedy" actually mean-we shall look at the constitutional  picture of one  remedy, and the language a patient might use which indicates that they need it.

  • understanding the modalities of a remedy and dosage.

There will be the opportunity to extend the course for those who wish to.

To book a place contact Amanda email: amandabatehomeopath@gmail.com or phone 07523119436


To book a consultation or find out more, telephone 07523 119436 or email amandabatehomeopath@gmail.com

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I have focused on the health of babies, children, pregnancy and infertility, and women's health for over 26 years. Do contact me for more information if you think I may be of help to you. To find out a bit more about homeopathy click on this link which is the Snooks cartoon 

Homeopathy can help people suffering from

  • physical, emotional and mental health issues;

  • it is safe to use during pregnancy & childbirth;useful for fertility issues 

  • can be used before and after surgery;

  •  is safe with all other therapies and medicines including orthodox medicine.

Your Health Matters-

monthly talks

Next talk-  tbc

Date- tbc

Cost:£10  pp per talk,  including tea & coffee and notes and sampling of the above.


More Topics and Guest Speakers will include-The aim of these talks is to help us to understand that all therapies and medicines can be integrated; no one medicine or therapy is right for everyone, every time. Over the coming months I will talk about Homeopathy, nutrition, stress, female health issues, skin problems, muscle and joint problems, sleep/insomnia issues,  children's behaviour, infections, and I will be inviting other therapists to come along and talk about how they work including

  • a nutrionist, chiropractor, osteopath, reiki master, aromatherapist, a doula,  acupuncturist, yoga teacher, Tai chi teacher, meditation teacher.... We will look at serious illnesses and how these therapies can be used  as alternatives or complementary to each other, including orthodox medicine.

Because I am a Homeopath there will always be an element of Homeopathy in each talk.

Your Health Matters and the more you understand how the mind, emotions and body work together, the more you will be able to understand what treatment will best serve you. 

Other Talks which I will be doing or I can deliver in your home, include,

  •  Focus on Fertility-Trying for a baby or thinking about it? Improve your health on all levels and improve your fertility-  one parent-to-be or both welcome to attend. 

  • Homeopathy in the Home, a 1st aid course of 4 sessions-

  • All you need to  know to be able to tell your daughter about periods-understand your body.

  • The role of Homeopathy during pregnancy, childbirth and early weeks with baby.

  • Understanding Nutrition Makes Choosing a Diet Easy! 

  •  Reducing the Risk of Alzheimers and Dementia

  • Safeguarding and Protecting Your Child

 contact me  to find out about dates or to book your place at a talk, 07523 119436 or e:amandabatehomeopath@gmail.com



What can Homeopathy help with?

  • Pregnancy & ChildbirthBabies & ChildrenTeenagers & Adults

  • Physical, emotional and mental health problems;

  • Before & after surgery; Safe to use it alongside orthodox drugs

Homeopathy is a system of medicine which takes into account the individuality of each person. No two people are alike, so it makes sense that we all experience both health and dis-ease in a way that is individual to us.


Homeopathy is both an alternative and a complementary medicine, which means you can use it on its own and you can also use it with other medicines or therapies.


It is not a new medicine, it has been around hundreds of years and the remedies the ancient homeopaths used, we still use today plus more, and none have ever been recalled at all: Homeopathy has an excellent saftey record.


We call Homeopathy an holistic medicine. This means we take into consideration how you are feeling, physically and emotionally as well as what you are thinking, no matter what illness, condition or disease you have. For example if you have a cold, you may have a runny nose and aches and pains, but you will also have feelings, perhaps feeling a bit miserable or irritable and also thinking about the work that is not getting done. We are not just a mind, or a body, we are a "whole", mind, body, emotions are all connected. Knowing  and understanding what you are feeling, both physically and emotionally as well as  thinking, helps a homeopath to find the remedy you need.


Homeopaths help people suffering with something, we do not " treat" the disease or illness or condition. 


Amanda Bate RSHom Registered Homeopath


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